Sage Brazil

‘’My mother was always very beachy. She was completely in love with bikinis, detail-oriented, and had a collection of great taste. It was wearing their old bikinis and paying attention to their durability and how they were still intact that my passion for the pieces started. I soon realized hat if I created a brand, it was exactly this story of 'pieces that pass through generations' that I wanted to be told.
With the increase in discarded parts year after year, the certainty I have is that I don't want Sage to enter this statistic. We produce the pieces with the best fabrics on the market, with the richness of details, duplications, linings and trims. All thinking about the lifetime of each piece.‘’
 Duda Lopes, Founder and Creative Director.
 ‘’I feel that Sage is a bit of what I've lived, a bit of the places I've been, of what
is yet to come and I dream daily.’’